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We are dealing in products which include N computing Mx100 Thin Client Kit and N computing Thin Client.

Ncomputing Mx100 Thin Client Kit
Rs 14,000 / Piece(+GST)
BrandN Computing
Connection TypeLAN

Why buy multiple computers when you can share the power of your PC with 3 additional users for a fraction of the cost? As the industry’s premier 3-in-1 thin client, each MX100S Standard Edition kit works with NComputing’s vSpace Pro software to deliver a high quality, media-rich desktop experience to. All the action takes place on the host computer, so the MX100 devices have no fans, no hard drives, or any moving parts to worry about.

All the files your users access are kept on the host, helping to create a secure environment and making data backup easy. Additionally, instead of having to worry about 4 computers, you only need to maintain 1. It gets better. Multiple MX100S Standard Edition kits can be combined, giving you up to 45-users per single PC. Users don’t even know they are sharing a single computer and the whole solution is easily managed by users with only basic IT computer skills.

Additional Information:
  • Delivery Time: 1 day in local
  • Packaging Details: Box pack
Ncomputing Thin Client
Rs 8,500 / Piece(+GST)
Usage/Application can be used on os windows and Linux

ACCESS UP TO 100 VIRTUAL DESKTOP SESSIONS PER VSPACE SERVER The L-series is a game-changing virtual desktop client device. Its sleek low-power design and form factor is easily mounted on a monitor or secured to a desk. Powered by NComputing’s Numo System on a Chip (SoC), the L-series client device costs less than any other thin- or zero-client options and is a quarter of the cost of typical desktop PCs. With the ability to connect up to 100 user sessions to a single NComputing vSpace server, the combination provides a simple and powerful desktop virtualization solution at one-third the price of traditional alternatives.

Additional Information:
  • Delivery Time:1 day local
  • Packaging Details: Box Pack
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    Ncomputing Mx100 Thin Client Kit

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